Jan 092012

So in surfing the web once again late into the night, I find this.  Baby Barbells is a series of exercises that guys can do – essentially weight lifting routines where you use your baby as the active weight.  Kinda makes sense – the baby is only going to be growing bigger (and thus heavier) so you have weight progression there, and you have also some quality time you get to spend with the baby disguised as “daddy play time”.  And by daddy play time, I mean that dads play with kids differently than moms – on the average we do more physically rambunctious stuff with them more like wrestling with the kids or swing them around or lifting them into the air repeatedly.  So it only makes sense that you’d capitalize on this to work out.  And as I pointed out in a previous post about what I consider the single best advice for new dads, being in shape is probably the best thing you can do for yourself to help you be a better dad.  So kudos to Dr.Levitt for actually bringing this to our attention.


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