Jan 182012

So I had originally planned on going to my Krav Maga class (I have a voucher I have to use up) but ended up staying at work late.  So I came up, with every intention of eating a light dinner, then working out  – either running, or calisthenics, or some of my kung fu exercises, or at least play Kinect Sports.  And then afterwards spending the rest of the evening writing another few posts, set them up to publish at a future date, and then go to sleep early.

But no.  I have ended doing the exact opposite of what I had planned.

I came home, then had dinner, then had some cheetos and watched NCIS, then finished off the said bag of cheetos while watching Law and Order SVU, then had another bag of Pops chips watching Hawaii Five-O, and here I am, almost midnight, still not sleeping, not having worked out, and no writing the post that I had planned on writing (a series of reviews of baby monitors). 

And I can’t even blame the baby, since Nathan’s been awesome and sleeping since 6pm.  Man, my at home routine has become complete mush since Nate as born, but I can no longer use baby duties as an excuse for not working out and not being productive.  This is one of my New Year Resolutions – bust my ass more, hustle more.

OK, tomorrow’s another day.


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