Jan 212012

OK, that’s a weird title for a post, isn’t it? 

Well, I got to thinking about this because of my previous post, the one where I bemoaned how I got nothing done as I had planned.

I also got to thinking about this because I just finished the latest round of reviews at work, and as a senior technical manager juggling a number of different projects at any given time, discussions turned to my triumphs and mistakes and how I can become more efficient at work.

So if I am always looking to become more efficient at work, why not bring that same mindset to being a Dad?

I mean, we have to juggle our day job, our household duties and chores, playing with the kids and thinking and planning for their future, and if you have any dreams or interests of your own, somehow figuring out a way to work it all in to the same 24 hours and 7 days a week that you used to have before you had kids or got married.

To this end, I will start to bring up articles, other sites, and just tips and tricks that I am learning as I get deeper into this daddyhood business.

So to start off, let me start off by introducing a site that I’ve grown to really enjoy over the last few weeks.  It’s called the99percent.com, after Edison’s maxim that any genius is 99% perspiration.  It’s a site with articles on how to get things done, and make your ideas happen.  Anyway, I came across a cool article on their site on how doing is less is sometimes the best way to do more.  A paradoxical concept that’s also very cool and zen at the same time.  I’ll be coming back to this concept again, but it has a lot to do with the ability to focus and relax, and knowing how to regulate this with the proper rhythm so that when you are focused on doing this, you are truly on it, in the moment.  And when you’re relaxed, you are truly able to let go.  I am starting to realize that this kind of philosophy is important and applicable for work (where a lot of the articles focus on) but also child rearing.


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