Feb 022012


So in the spirit of the first New Year’s Resolution, I’d like to post this up.  I saw this on Lifehacker.com

Now, I’ve heard of the ipod=steak portion guide, and I think the butter=postage stamp as well.  But pancake=DVD?  And pasta=ice scream scoop?  Yeah, good luck on that one.  I don’t think any restaurant in this country follows those rules.  Still, this gives a good idea of what a single person’s portion should roughly be like.  Of course, if you’re 6’ 6” and 200 pounds of muscle, then this portion sizing would have to be adjusted.  But for most of us, I’d think this is a good place to start in trying to lose weight. 

I bring this up for another reason.  Obesity among kids is supposed to be a growing problem, and if we can teach our kids one thing about nutrition, portion control would be at the top of my list.  This gives some good visual cues that kids can easily identify that should help them when mom and dad aren’t around (except for the shot glass thing – I’d use a salt shaker or tablespoon or something).


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