Jan 062011

I want to start a new series of posts showcasing some sites that I feel are excellent and deserving of attention. These sites embody or showcase the same spirit that drives this website – that of providing information, camaraderie, and inspiration for those of us who see it as our mission to be good dads for our little ones.

Let me begin this by talking about artofmanliness.com. This is a website run by husband and wife team Brett and Kate McKay. The site is full of insightful essays, information and tidbits about what we would call the “classical” man. That is, the men and the characteristics of these men that were exemplified by such people as Frank Sinatra, Jimmy Stewart, the Duke, and Teddy Roosevelt. Men who were strong in spirit and character, gentlemanly and chivalrous to the ladies, kind and generous to children, righteous and honorable to their fellow men. Real “greatest generation” kind of stuff. On his About page, Brett tells the story of how one day he was looking at men’s magazines on newsstands a few years ago and realized that all they talked about were how to get six packs and how to hook up with three girls on one night. He asked himself if that was all there was to the modern man and decided that there had to be more, and started this website (part blog, part webzine) to put his thoughts together on the topic, and provide a community for other like minded fellows.

I’ve been reading his site for half a year now and I have to say that he and his guest posters have some very insightful and thought provoking articles on it. The topics run the gamut from how to dress well in a blazer, to how to write a good condolence letter, to dining etiquette. Recently Brett started a series on the art of rhetoric – something that in the old days all educated men were supposed to have studied as part of their basic curriculum. Fascinating topic, and quite well written. Every time I go to Brett’s site and read something there, I feel inspired to come back write something similar or extend upon the discussion he started. The site is truly a treasure trove of information, not just for a guy on how to be a better father, but on what it means for men to be men these days.


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