Jul 292011


I’m all for sharing in the raising and caring for your child together with your wife and sharing in the responsibility of feeding the baby and all that, but really?  Seriously? 

This is what their product blurb says on their website:

“"Breast-Feeding Envy" is what Psychology Today says is the most common and least-discussed concern among today’s young parents. Young fathers are quietly suffering the effects of envy over not being able to breast-feed.. it’s happening everywhere, and the fathers are not speaking out… but, maybe they don’t need to. Announcing the latest Great Invention, Mr. Milker….”

“…Using a classic sports bra design, Mr. Milker includes two bladders, stitched into the chest, capable of holding 10 ounces of milk in each. These two bottles are also BPA-free.”

Yeah, I’d have to say this is one product I most definitely will not be endorsing.


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