Sep 302010

The title of this site, “To Be a Good Dad”, is not just a title.  It’s a mission statement.

A few weeks ago, I found out that I am going to be a father.  No, check that.  I’m going to be a Dad.  I consider fatherhood to be what you are when you have a child simply by the inherent virtue that you provided half the DNA.  That’s not enough.  I think to be a Dad is a conscious choice, a choice you make to take the time, the effort, to do whatever it takes to be the friend, the mentor, and guide to this crazy world for this new, beautiful creature you’ve help create.

So why the second hardest job in the world?  Because the hardest job would be being a Mom, and I freely admit to that.  But being a Dad is no picnic either, and being a “Good” Dad is work.  Lots of work.

This site is my mission statement, and my chronicle of the things that I will discover on the road to being a good Dad.  Along the way I hope to share some insights, some tips, hints, cheats, and anything else that would help any guy out there who has taken upon himself to take up the mantle of “Dad”.


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