Jan 202011

You know, I’ve always said this. I never trusted the whole “diet” thing and I’ve been saying to my wife that she’s gotta cut down on her diet soda even before she got pregnant. Glad that there’s scientific proof that I was right.

Research carried out on almost 60,000 pregnant women in Denmark found that those who drank artificially sweetened soft drinks, whether fizzy or still, were more likely to give birth early.

It was found that those who drank one serving per day of artificially sweetened fizzy drink were 38 per cent more likely to give birth before 37 weeks gestation and those who consumed four servings a day were 78 percent more likely to have their baby prematurely.

“Certainly, until more experimental work is done, this study suggests that pregnant women should steer clear of artificially sweetened drinks. Quite frankly, pregnant women should be focusing more on nutrient-rich drinks anyway, like milk and fruit juices. And don’t forget the water.”

OK, in her defense, my wife has cut out sodas (for the most part) from her food intake since the first trimester, but I still stand by my smugness. I gotta get my ya-ya’s somehow.


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