Jan 062012


Stuff like this makes me wish that I was a kid again.  OK, so maybe it appeals to me because I’m just a big geek, but really, this is cool.  It’s a company called Modular Robotics, which is a spin off from Carnegie Mellon University, that sells a product called Cubelets.  It’s a bunch of, well, cubes, that are electronic and electromechanical components that can interconnect and interact and form larger systems that act like robots.  And no programming required.  You just plug them together and let them interact and respond to their environment.  Any kid can use this to create some very cool robots.  Below is a Youtube video that showcases the product.

Never mind the creepy bearded guy with the faux-Einstein accent – just take a look at what these can do

Now it looks like the company is new and the products are in pre-order, but still, I’m thinking about how much more mature and cooler these things will be when Nathan is old enough to play with them.

You know, this reminds me of Capselas and Erector sets from when I was a kid.  Remember those?


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