Aug 192011

So it’s 3am and both ny wife and I are wide awake now. Nathan woke up fussy, on the verge of crying. We tried to shoosh-pat, pacifier, picking up and swaying, the 5 S’s – everything. Nope, we ended up having to feed the kid.  So my wife is breast feeding him.

In theory, I could sleep when she does this. But practically, that never happens.  I have to prep her pump for her, after the feed I change Nathan’s diapers because he pees when he feeds, and I have to refill the humidifier because its so friggin dry here in SoCal that if we don’t use one Nathan’s nose gets dry and his snots get impossible to remove.  So after all of that, I’m awake and here I am bloggin from my phone (ok, that parts cool).

Everyone keeps yelling me that we need to do it in shifts, but I don’t see how that is possible when we both have things to do for the baby.  For those of you guys who do this in shifts, how do you do it?


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