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Here is my son in a green LazyBoy chair that we have in our living room in November.  It was about Thanksgiving time when we took this picture.


This is Nathan in the same chair in October.


This is Nathan in the same chair in September.


Same chair, Nathan in August.


Again, Nathan and the green chair, in July.  I had to hold him because at that stage he couldn’t really hold himself up by himself in the chair.


Here’s my buddy Mike with Nathan.  Same chair, but in June.  Nate’s only a month old at this point.

So why am I showing you all of these pictures?  Yes, this is my not so subtle way of showing of my son.  But more importantly, I am showing these pictures to show how you can use a static piece of furniture to act as your reference point for recording the growth of your child.  My brother-in-law did this – he took pictures of his son in a boppy almost everyday for several months to catalogue and record his growth.

I didn’t actually set out to do this with this green chair.  Fact is, it’s simply my favorite green chair, and I thought it was funny how Nathan sat in it – or didn’t sit in it (he kept falling over).  But it turns out that over the last few months we’ve taken pictures of Nathan in this green chair (either alone or with help) every few weeks, and it’s become an amazing little timeline for his growth.

It’s something that you can do too.  Pick your favorite chair, or a corner of the house, or a wall with pictures or markings on them.  Or whatever.  We sometimes don’t notice how big our kids have gotten –afterall, we see them everyday.  But do this, and you too will be looking through your photos weeks, months, years from now, amazed at the progress, the growth.


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  1. I plan on taking pictures every month. Did you see the 10 year time-lapse video of a little girl?

    I dont think i’d go that far, but i know these kids will grow up fast so i want to make sure i document their life.

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