Jan 062011

With this post, let me introduce a guest contributor. It’s my sister, from all the way in NYC. She’ll be posting under the name abkim and will be providing her point of view on how to be a good dad, both as a woman, as well as a daughter. Here she introduces yet another item that makes me smack my head in another “why didn’t I think of that” moment.

Ladies and gentleman….the Gyro Bowl!  It’s supposed to be a spill-proof contraption in the shape of Saturn (the planet), that uses the mechanics of a gyroscope. It’s for kids, but I suppose it’ll be just as good for some adults too!  Being the compulsive neat-freak that I am, this would surely put my nerves at ease when I have children (ie: my future nephew) as well as slightly clumsy, haphazardous adults (ie: my brother, my future nephew’s dad and the author of this site – sorry bro, but you are a klutz sometimes!) over at my house.  As for the inevitable question – “what about the spillages that occur when items from bowl never make it to the mouth?”  Well then, I guess that’s what vacuums are for…

Hey, I’m not that clumsy…much.


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