Mr.Milker? Really?

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Feb 082012

I don’t write on this blog simply to increase traffic, and I haven’t checked my site statistics in a bit, but I recently actually paid attention to it and saw this:



This is a screen cap from my WordPress dashboard. Wow, I had no idea.

Out of all the stuff I have written, I had no idea my old post about that Mr.Milker would actually be the most read.  By a mile.

Just had to post on this thing that really took me by surprise.


Boobie Beanie

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Feb 072012


So I see this while surfing online, and I honestly don’t know how to comment on this without coming off sounding like a heel.

There’s a lady at Etsy making these beanies, which she herself calls Boobie Beanies, that’s designed to look like…boobs.  Nipples, areolas, and the all. 

image image

It’s handmade (crocheted), made of 100% cotton.  It’s clever and cute, and…that’s all I’m going to say about it.


Creative Pop Up Cards 2.0

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Jan 312012


I’ve been sick all last week, and still sick, so my apologies for the lackluster posting history the last few days.

But I wanted to take a few nanoseconds to give a shout out to my buddy Rich’s new website.  I’ve written about his site a few times before, and as you may know, Rich is the creator of a site for making pop up cards called  Actually, the site’s the same, but he revamped it and spruced it up something big.  He’s also trying to make the site self-sustaining, and rightly so considering how much time he spends on designing and making his cards and upkeeping his site in general.  His templates are now downloadable for a fee, although he will also have free stuff too.  Check it out, and tell him I sent you there!


Diaper Bags (part 1: the style)

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Aug 162011

As guys, we don’t really think about diaper bags.  No really, I dare you to find any guy who’s actually thought about diaper bags…until he has a kid and realizes that he (and the wife) now have to carry around a miniature Baby’s R’ Us with them at all times.

Gentlemen, I’m here to tell you to think proactively and look for a diaper bag fits with your sensibilities, your style, and your need for function.  Because whenever you go out as a family unit (mom, dad, baby), guess who’s going to be carrying said diaper bag most of the time.  Yup.  It’s you, pal.

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Mr. Milker. Seriously?

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Jul 292011


I’m all for sharing in the raising and caring for your child together with your wife and sharing in the responsibility of feeding the baby and all that, but really?  Seriously? 

This is what their product blurb says on their website:

“"Breast-Feeding Envy" is what Psychology Today says is the most common and least-discussed concern among today’s young parents. Young fathers are quietly suffering the effects of envy over not being able to breast-feed.. it’s happening everywhere, and the fathers are not speaking out… but, maybe they don’t need to. Announcing the latest Great Invention, Mr. Milker….”

“…Using a classic sports bra design, Mr. Milker includes two bladders, stitched into the chest, capable of holding 10 ounces of milk in each. These two bottles are also BPA-free.”

Yeah, I’d have to say this is one product I most definitely will not be endorsing.